Our team has built the following IP, all currently running live in production:

  • Low latency PCIe core including custom DMA-like RX/TX core for fastest packet transfers , memory mapped registers and write combine, for both Altera and Xilinx FPGAa
  • Low latency custom 10G MAC
  • 1G / 10G / 40G Network stack including Ethernet, VLAN, IP, UDP, IGMPv2/v3, TCP, PTP, ARP
  • DDR3 interface


  • Compression algorithm for low latency, high error rate microwave communications
  • Arbiter for redundant exchange UDP market data connections (A-B line arb), supports multiple exchanges, ultra low latency
  • Fixed and floating point arithmetic libraries including more complex functions such as exponents, logarithms, square root
  • Feed parsers for exchange market data protocols
  • Trading algorithms including trade pressure, take out, mass quoting, mean reversion, Monte Carlo pricing
  • Order book, including symbols added during the trading day
  • FIX decoder/encoder, including FAST compression
  • Eurex, CME, ASX, OSE, HKEx


  • Low latency image processing for military and commercial applications
  • CDMA/UMTS, SDH/Sonet, GSM communications protocols
  • DMA controllers
  • AMBA bus / ARM processor